Welcome to Blasting 50

A few months ago, one of my dearest friends pulled me aside and said "Oh my God I can't believe we're going to be 50! F-I-F-T-Y!! What have I done with my life? 50! Can you believe it? I never dreamed this is where I'd be. What am I going to do? Where did all the time go? I can't believe I'm going to be 50!!! " I was flabbergasted at her reaction to that number. This lovely, accomplished woman was going into panic mode at thought of turning 50. And I thought, why is turning 50 such a big deal? I don't feel "old". I feel like I'm 25 and ready for anything.

Let's see... in your 20's & 30's you're a career girl, a "cosmo" girl. When you turn 40 you're FABulous. Hit 65 and you are praised because you look so maahvelous for "your age" and still so active too! But 50, nothing. It's true. They skip right over us and go onto AARP. There is no love for 50. And there should be. So we're starting this website - just for us.

We'll embrace our "Fiftyness" together. Celebrate it. Savor it. Applaud our accomplishments. Swap our "turning 50" stories - the good and the bad, the parties, the adventures, the challenges and the triumphs. Afraid of 50 ? Crying into an empty container of Ben&Jerry's? No more.

Fifty is Fearless.

So ladies, let's get to it. How do you do 50?